900mats, supporting designers.

You design, We manufacture and sell.

What we look for...

At 900mats we are looking for creative designs from all corners of the world. We gladly accept many designs per submission and especially love to see sets where we can sell 2/3 mats in one group that people can collect.

We accept all types of designs, from minimal, to hand-drawn, anime, movie related, memes, anything... We will always make sure that the quality of the design is up to our standards for manufacturing.

How does it work?

Do you want to submit a design?

Here is a step by step process of how it works:

1. Submit the design below in the technical specifications that are listed below to our site. Please fill out your email and upload the file to a file/image host so we can download and check your file out. It is not recommended to upload the full resolution file, watermarks are OK for preview.

2. We will review the design, and either accept, reject or advise for tweaks and changes that will better fit our needs. We will reach out to you via e-mail.

3. After reaching out we will also estimate the per mat payout per sale to the designer. This is decided depending on the quality of the design and market estimates. This will be followed up by a contract.

4. We manufacture the mat, at required quantities, we will be in charge of color-matching if the designer has not provided us with a contact sheet for colors that are used on the deskmat. We will assist in this process.

5. We put the mat on sale and sell at various partners around the world, or/and amazon.

6. Each sale is tracked per designer and after a certain amount of sales are reached, the designer will be contacted for a payout in their own currency. We only accept payouts to bank accounts.

How much do we pay?

Due to the higher cost of manufacturing and our offset of our carbon footprint, costs are slightly above the average that would be seen from various suppliers. We currently pay from 3 to 4 USD per mat sold.

Custom Sizes?

We offer deskmats of all sizes, 900x400mm is the standard size we provide. Please contact us for more inforamtion.

Required Specifications for Submission

There are a few things that should be kept in mind:

- Do not submit copyrighted material

- Please avoid profanity, racism, sexism, etc.

- Avoid low quality resolution images, it is advisable to avoid any photography designs as they are not a high performing style on deskmats.

Please make sure that you fulfil the following specifications:

- Depending on the size, a 905mm x 405mm at 300ppi size is required

- File Formats should be .ai, .svg or .psd, for submission a simple .jpg or .png is OK

- We prefer to use the CMYK Color Format

- Pantones are our choice of color communication, RAL is OK too. We can also match to specific items/things that have a color, as long as its provided to us.

- A color matching contact sheet (a image showing which color is where) is recommended, we can reach out with examples

Submit a Design to 900mats